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I’m Janique Le Bail, independent designer,  illustrator & writer.

I’m a music-fueled idealist fond of falafels & bicycles.

I work with small and humble companies that strive to make
a change in the world. This is why I choose graphic design
in the first place, to help people rethink established perspectives. I believe design should be independent and help the little ones achieve their goals towards the global good.

Be bold or italic
never regular.

I’m completely passionate about print design. I know it’s probably subversive to say that today in the design world, but I take the risk.

I worked on a lot of different projets, from designing apps
and websites, to create logotypes and brand identities for a lot
of companies, but over time it seems I keep coming back to print design. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very interesting to work on digital projects or having to create the global image of a company, I really like it, but for me the shining sparks really come when I design
a new font, when I create a new poster or when I flip through
a beautiful book, when I’m into the design thinking.